Trace-Based Analysis and Prediction of Cloud Computing User Behavior Using the Fractal Modeling Technique
S Chen, MGhorbani, Y Wang, P Bogdan, M Pedram
Proc. of the IEEE Conference on Big Data, 2014 Anchorage, Alaska
Fractal and recurrence analysis of psycholinguistic data

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S. Wallot, B.A. O’Brien, G. Van Orden
Methodological and Analytic Frontiers in Lexical Research. Gary Libben, Gonia Jarema, Chris Westbury. John Benjamins Publishing, 2012, pp. 395-430
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A data-driven approach for seismic damage detection of shear-type building structures using the fractal dimension of time–frequency features
Hui Li, Dongwang Tao, Yong Huang, Yuequan Bao
Structural Control and Health Monitoring,  15 Oct. 2012, DOI: 10.1002/stc.1528
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Fractional Brownian motion and anomalous diffusion in vibratedgranular materials
Alessandro L. Sellerio, Daniele Mari and Gérard Gremaud
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment Volume 2012, January 2012
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Gunshot detection in noisy environments
Izabela L. Freire and Jose A. Apolinario Jr.
SBrT/IEEE 7th International Telecommunications Symposium (ITS 2010), Manaus – Brazil, September 2010.
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Multifractal characterization of plasma edge turbulence
Mitsuo Kono, Milos M. Skoric
Atomic, optical and plasma physics, Volume 62, Part 4, pp 487-507, 2010
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Application of Regularization Dimension to Gear Damage Assessment
Zhipeng Feng, Ming J. Zuo and Fulei Chu
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 2009
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Noise Influence on Fractal Dimension in the Process of Generation of the Julia Fractals
C. Rosu, D.M. Maximean
U.P.B. Scientific Bulletin, Series A, vol. 71(4), 2009
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Ontologies: On the Concepts of: Possibility, Possible, Acaso, Aleatorial and Chaos
Maria Odete Madeira and Carlos Pedro Goncalves
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A Fractal-ANN approach for quality control
Kesheng Wang
IPROMS 2007: Innovative Production Machines and Systems, 2007
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Multi-fractal analysis of highway traffic data
Shang Peng-Jian, Shen Jin-Sheng
Chinese physics, vol. 16, pp 365-373, 2007
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Player’s positional dependence of fractal behaviors in a soccer game
Sangrak Kim
Fractals: Complex Geometry, Patterns, and Scaling in Nature and Society, vol. 14, pp 71-76, 2006
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Fractal analysis of the motions of a ball in a computer soccer game
Sangrak Kim
Journal of the Korean Physical Society, vol. 44(3), pp. 664-667, 2004
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Fractal properties and characterization of road profiles
Pierrick Legrand, Jacques Lévy-Véhel and Minh-Tan Do
Thinking in Patterns: Fractals and Related Phenomena in Nature, pp. 189-198, 2004
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Free/Open source software: An alternative for engineering students
Paulo S. Motta Pires, David A. Rogers
32nd ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, pp. 6-9, 2002
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Multifractal description of resource exhaustion data in real time operating system
Mark Shereshevsky, Jonathan Crowell, Bojan Cukic
Technical Report, West Virginia University, 2001
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