Installation Notes

How do I install and run FracLab 2.2 ?

It is strongly advised to remove all previous installations of fraclab and to clear the corresponding path in matlab before intalling FraLab 2.2.

Remark under Windows 7 : it is better to perform the installation as administrator

1. Installation with the self installing package

Download one of the self installing packages.

If you have chosen the self installing package for windows 32 or windows 64 the installation is automatic.

However if at the end of the windows self-installation process you had the message “You need to add fraclab to Matlab path manually”, or if you have chosen the zip files for Windows, Mac OS or Linux you have to put in your Matlab path the fraclab’s directories.

To do so, launch Matlab. If FracLab is located in MYDIR make MYDIR/fraclab/Gui the current directory in Matlab and type in the command window “flpath”.

2. Installation with the compressed folder

    • Download the file FracLab-2.2-Universal and unzip it. This will create the directory FracLab with several sub-directories :
      • Binaries includes all the binaries (mex files) necessary to the FracLab routines.
      • Data includes data associated to the demos described in the help files.
      • Demos includes interactive demos.
      • Gui Includes the graphical user interface files.
      • Help includes help files in these formats: html, matlab and post-script.
      • Programs includes all the Fraclab routines.
    • You need to add the directories in your Matlab path. To do this, first launch Matlab. Say FracLab is located in the directory MYDIR on your system. Then, first change in Matlab the current directory to be MYDIR/fraclab/Gui. Type “flpath” in the command window, and you are done.

You may check that the following paths have been added to Matlab:

      • MYDIR/fraclab/Binaries
      • MYDIR/fraclab/Binaries/[OS environment]
      • MYDIR/fraclab/Data
      • MYDIR/fraclab/Demos
      • MYDIR/fraclab/Gui
      • MYDIR/fraclab/Help/matlab-html-help
      • MYDIR/fraclab/Help/matlab-html-help/matlab-help
      • MYDIR/fraclab/Programs
      • MYDIR/fraclab/Programs/IAE
      • MYDIR/fraclab/Programs/wavelab

To start FracLab, just type “fraclab” in your Matlab command window.

Remark under Windows 7 : if you encounter the error message : Warning: Unable to save diary in C:\Program Files… then launch MatLab as an administrator. This error is however of no strong consequence. It just means that the history of your commands cannot be saved.

Supported configurations

Which version of Matlab do I need ?

To be able to use FracLab 2.2 it is required to have Matlab 8.5 (R2015a) or higher.

If you only have an older version of Matlab, you can still download an older version of FracLab

I have a problem with the skins

If your FracLab skins are totally messed up, you can safely delete the file “Gui/fltool.mat”, or rename it to “fltool.bak”.

It will reset your preferences, and FracLab should start safely without any colors nor logo. You can recreate a new skin after.

I have this error message : ??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

You do not need to “cd” to the specified directory. Rather, you need to “add with subfolders” (in the “file/add path” command of matlab) the Fraclab directory.

Then typing “fraclab” should work. If you still get the same error, check that you are using the right version of FracLab. That is, the Linux or Windows version depending on your OS, and also the Matlab 5, 6, 7 or 8 version, depending on your Matlab release.

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