FracLab developers

FracLab was developped at INRIA and IRCCyN by the following persons under the coordination of Jacques Lévy Véhel.

External contributors

While most of FracLab was developped at Inria (Paris, France), and Irccyn (Nantes, France), a number of other teams have contributed codes to FracLab.

If you think some code of yours would constitute a nice addition to FracLab, just let us know, and we will be happy to include it.

  • Pr. J.M. Bardet
    University Paris 1-Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • H. El Mekeddem
    H & W Conseils, Paris
  • Pr. J. Finan
    Duke University, USA
  • Pr. O. Jones
    Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
    The University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Pr. Y. Lucet
    Computer Science
    I. K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences Unit # 4
    University of British Columbia Okana-gan, Kelowna BC, Canada
  • Pr. B. Pesquet Popescu
    Département Traitement du Signal et des Images
    Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, Paris
  • Pr. B. Reljin, Dr. I. Reljin and Dr. T. Stojic
    Image processing, Telemedicine and Multimedia Group
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Pr. S. Stoev
    Department of Statistics, University of Michigan, USA

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