Fractal Analysis of the electrocardiogram signal

I Sedjelmaci, F Beresski-Reguig

Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology, 2014, Volume 14, Issue 04 

Pitfalls in fractal time series analysis: fMRl BOLD as an exemplary case

A. Eke, P. Herman, B. Sanganahalli, F. Hyder, P. Mukli and Z. Nagy

Frontiers in Physiology, Fractal Physiology, November 2013, Volume 3, Article 417, pp. 73-95

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Fractal dimension of chromatin regions in histological pictures reveals the presence of epithelial tumours

L. Gaita, M. Militaru, G. Popescu

5th International Conference Computational Mechanics and Virtual Engineering, COMEC 2013

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Fractal Analysis used for Identifying the Impact of Drugs on Hepatic Tissue

L. Gaita, M. Militaru

Journal of Comparative Pathology, Volume 148, Issue 1, January 2013

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Discriminating the main representatives of the white blood cell species on the basis of the fractal properties of the DHM phase profile

E.I. Scarlat, M. Mihailescu, I. Paun and M. Scarlat

U.P.B. Sci. Bull., Series A Vol.75, Iss. 2, 2013 ISSN 1223-7027

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Classification of Prolapsed Mitral Valve versus Healthy Heart from Phonocardiograms by Multifractal Analysis

A. Gavrovska, G. Zajić, I. Reljin and B. Reljin

Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, Volume 2013, Article ID 376152

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Anomalous diffusion and multifractional Brownian motion: simulating molecular crowding and physical obstacles in systems biology

T.T. Marquez-Lago, A. Leier and K. Burrage

IET Systems Biology, Volume 6,  Issue: 4, 2012

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Non-linear Analysis of Psychophysiological Effects of Auditory Stimuli Using Fractal Mining

Michael Sink, Mahmood Hossain, and Tadashi Katoy

The 2011 World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing, Las Vegas, July 2011

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Application of time-varying analysis to diagnostic needle electromyography

Geoffrey L. Sheean

Medical Engineering & Physics, Vol. 34 (2), pp.249-255, 2012

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Breast cancer evaluation by fluorescent dot detection using combined mathematical morphology and multifractal techniques

Branimir Reljin,Milorad Paskas, Irini Reljin, and Korski Konstanty

Diagn Pathol. 2011; 6(Suppl 1): S21. 2011, doi:  10.1186/1746-1596-6-S1-S21

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Prostate cancer characterization on MR images using fractal features

R. Lopes, N. Makni, S. Mordon, N. Betrouni, A. Ayache, P. Puech, A. Villers

Medical Physics, Magnetic Resonance Physics, Volume 38, Issue 1, 2011

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Fractal analysis of dental radiographic images in the irregular regions of interest

Edward Oczeretko, Marta Borowska, Izabela Szarmach, Agnieszka Kitlas, Janusz Szarmach, Andrzej Radwanski

Information Technologies in Biomedicine Advances in Soft Computing, Volume 69/2010, pp 191-199, 2010

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Pointwise Holder exponents of a model for skin laser Doppler flowmetry signals based on six nonlinear coupled oscillators with linear and parametric couplings: Comparison with experimental data from young healthy subjects

B. Buard, A. Humeau, D. Rousseau, F. Chapeau-Blondeau, P. Abraham

IRBM: Ingénierie et Recherche Biomédicale, vol. 31 (3), pp 175-181, 2010.

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System characterization of neuronal excitability in the hippocampus and its relevance to observed dynamics of spontaneous seizure like transitions

O.C. Zalay, D. Serletis, P.L. Carlen, B. Bardakjian

Journal of Neural Engineering, vol. 7, 036002, 2010.

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Bone quality assessment based on cone beam computed tomography imaging

Yan Hua, Olivia Nackaerts, Joke Duyck, Frederik Maes, Reinhilde Jacobs

Clinical Oral Implants Research, 20(8), 767-771, 2009

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Intervalles interbattements cardiaques et Processus Auto-Régulé Multifractionnaire

Olivier Barriere, Jacques Lévy-Véhel

Journal de la Société Française de Statistique 150(1), 54-72, 2009

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Application of Multifractal Analysis on Medical Images

Jelena Andjelkovic, Natasa Zivic, Branimir Reljin, Vladimir Celebic and Iva Salom

WSEAS Transactions on Information Science & Applications 11 (5),  2008, 1561-1572

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Airway pressure alters wavelet fractal dynamics and short-range dependence of respiratory variability

Luis J. Goldmana, Rosario Madero Jarabo, Ramón García Gómez

Respiratory physiology and neurobilogy, vol. 161, pp. 29-40, 2008.

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Classifications of digital medical images with multifractal analysis

Jelena Andjelkovic, Natasa Zivic, and Branimir Reljin, Vladimir Celebic, Iva Salom

SSIP 08: Proceedings of the 8th conference on Signal, Speech and image processing, pp 88-92, 2008.

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Fractal analysis of medical images in the irregular regions of interest.

Edward Oczeretko, Marta Borowska, Agnieszka Kitlas, Andrzej Borusiewicz, Malgorzata Sobolewska-Siemieniuk

BIBE, pp. 1-6, 2008.

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Investigation of the fractality and mutual information of DNA sequences: The case of human B-myosin

Claudia Sierra, Murat Tugrul

Second Annual French Complex Systems Summer School, Lyon and Paris, 2008.

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Laser Doppler flowmetry in healthy rats: Impact of isoflurane anesthetic on signal complexity

Anne Humeau, Bernard Haussy, Lionel Fizanne, Jérôme Roux, Pierre Asfar, Paul Calès,David Rousseau, François Chapeau-Blondeau

16th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, pp. 1330-1334, 2008.

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Laser Doppler flowmetry signals: pointwise Hölder exponents of experimental signals from young healthy subjects and numerically simulated data

Benjamin Buard, Anne Humeau, David Rousseau, François Chapeau-Blondeau, Pierre Abraham

IFMBE Proceedings, Vol. 22, pp. 221-225, 2008.

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Mathematical analysis of EEG of patients with non-fatal nonspecific diffuse encephalitis

Mukesh Doble, Sunil K Narayan

International Journal of Biological and Medical Sciences, vol. 3(4), pp 254-260, 2008.

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Multifractal analysis of the UV/VIS spectra of malignant ascites: Confirmation of the diagnostic validity of a clinically evaluated spectral analysis

Irini S. Reljin, Branimir D. Reljin, Milka L. Avramov-IviƇ, Dušan V. JovanoviƇ, Goran I. Plavec, Slobodan D. PetroviƇ, Gordana M. BogdanoviƇ

Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, vol. 387, pp 3563-3573, 2008.

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Multifractal description of the maternal surface of the placenta

Akihiko Kikuchi, Nobuya Unno, Masahiro Shiba, Sorahiro Sunagawa, Yoshifumi Ogiso, Shiro Kozuma, Yuji Taketani

Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation, vol. 66(2), 2008.

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Multifractality in arterial pulse

Aniruddha J. Joshi, Sharat Chandran, V.K. Jayaraman, B.D. Kulkarni

ICPR 2008: 19th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2008.

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Multifractality, sample entropy, and wavelet analyses for age-related changes in the peripheral cardiovascular system: Preliminary results

A. Humeau, F. Chapeau-Blondeau, D. Rousseau, P. Rousseau, W. Trzepizur, P. Abraham

Medical Physics, vol. 35, pp 717-723, 2008.

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Adaptation of multifractal analysis to segmentation of microcalcifications in digital mammograms

Tomislav StojiƇ, Irini Reljin, Branimir Reljin

Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications,  vol. 367, pp 494-508, 2006.

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Classification of Galactograms using fractal properties of the breast ductal networks

Despina Kontos, Vasileios Megalooikonomou, Ailar Javadi, Predrag R.Bakic, Andrew D.A.Maidment

Third IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging: Nano to Macro, pp 1324-1327, 2006.

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Behavioral and autonomic dynamics during contextual fear conditioning in mice

Oliver Stiedl Philip Tovotec, Sven Ove Ögren, Michael Meyer

Autonomic Neuroscience: Basic and Clinical, vol. 115, pp 15-27, 2004.

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Discrimination by multifractal spectrum estimation of human heartbeat interval dynamics

Michael Meyer, Oliver Stiedl, B. Kermann

Fractals, vol. 11(2), pp. 195-204, 2003.

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Self-affine fractal variability of human heartbeat interval dynamics in health and disease

M. Meyer, O. Stiedl

European Journal of Applied Physiology, vol. 90, pp 305-316, 2003.

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