BIS’2016 – Day 2: Full day working session on “Computation and Data Analysis with an Overview over Aerospace Applications”

The Session at a Glance

The first part of this session will be devoted to the presentation of the current research activities on the atmospheric reentry of space vehicles, within a collaborative effort of NASA-Ames, Inria, Stanford University and the von Karman Institute.  The focus will be on the description of the challenges associated to the prediction of some specific aspects, such as material ablation, catalysis, the control of the trajectory.  Finally, the role of the numerical simulation and the additional value provided by the use of uncertainty quantification methods will be depicted.

The second part will be a review about the different activities performed in the Associated Teams concerning computation and data analysis approach : transportation and trafic management, optimization with algebraic methods and hierarchical algorithms for computational linear algebra.

Preliminary Agenda

08:30: Registration

08:45: Welcome

09:00-09:45: P.M. Congedo, Inria, AQUARIUS Associate Team:

A global overview about the aerospace activities of the AQUARIUS Team in Silicon Valley

09:45-10:30: A. Turchi, Inria-VKI:

Thermochemical ablation modeling forward uncertainty analysis

10:30: Break

11:00-11:30: D. Masutti, Inria, VKI, Stanford University:

An uncertainty quantification investigation in the global ionosphere-thermosphere model.

11:30-12:00: M. Rivier, Inria-NASA Ames:

Sensitivity analysis of ablative material response modeling

12:30:Lunch Break at “Autour d’un Grill” restaurant, 145 Avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris

14:00-14:30: M.L. Delle Monache, ORESTE Associate Team

Modeling of traffic flow on networks

14:30-15:00: A. Ladino, COMFORT Associate Team

Travel time forecasting via Kalman filter-based optimal fusion strategy

15:00-15:30: Y. Harness, FASTLA Associate Team

Multilevel Spectral Analysis of H-Matrices

15:30: Break

16:00-16:30: J.-C. Faugere, GOAL Associate Team

16:30-17:00: P.M. Congedo, AQUARIUS Associate Team

Some recent advancements in optimization under uncertainties methods