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Workshop Berkeley – Inria – Stanford 2012

Tour Effel @ FotoliaThe second workshop Berkeley-Inria-Stanford 2012 (BIS’12) is hosted by Inria, in Paris, on May 21-22, 2012. It is co-organized by UC Berkeley, Inria, and Stanford University, in partnership with CITRIS and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. BIS’12 is part of the joint research program Inria@SiliconValley. The objectives of this workshop are two-fold: first, to present the current state of scientific collaborations and second to work on proposals for future ambitious joint projects.

  • Date: Monday & Tuesday, May 21 – 22, 2012
  • Location: Cap15 – 3 quai de Grenelle – 75015 Paris – France
  • Map/Directions: How to come
  • Organisers: UC Berkeley, Inria, Stanford University

Preliminary Program

Monday May 21

8:30-9:00am – Welcome and registration

9:00-9:15am – Opening Session

9:15-10:45am – Big data analysis, statistics

  • Sparse methods for learning on text documents (Abstract – pdf)
    Francis Bach (Inria), joint research project STATWEB with Laurent El Ghaoui (EECS Dpt, UC Berkeley)
  • Modeling Latent Variable Uncertainty for Loss-based Learning (Abstract – pdf)
    Matthew Blaschko (Ecole Centrale de Paris), joint research project SPLENDID with Daphne Koller, Stanford AI Lab
  • Large-scale statistical learning forvisual recognition (Abstract – pdf)
    Zaïd Harchaoui  (Inria), joint research project HYPERION with Nourredine El Karoui (Statistics Dpt) and Malik Jitendra (EECS Dpt, UC Berkeley)

10:45-10:55am – Systematic and Cap Digital presentation

10:55-11:15am – Coffee break

11:15am-­1:00pm –  Interaction and Visualization

  • Perception of virtual environments: focus on materials and facades (Abstract -pdf)
    Maneesh Agrawala (UC Berkeley), Adrien Bousseau (Inria), joint research project CRISP
  • Supporting multi-surface interaction in Medical Emergencies (Abstract – pdf)
    Wendy Mackay (Inria), joint research project SIRIUS with James Hollan, Cognitive Science Dpt, University of California, San Diego and Scott Klemmer (Stanford University)
    Invited talk: Abstractions and Frameworks for Multi-Surface, Multi-TouchApplication  (Abstract – pdf)
    Bjoern Hartman (UC Berkeley)

1:00-2:00pm – Lunch

2:00-3:00pm –  Networks and telecommunications

  • Towards Software-Defined Networking in Heterogeneous Networked Environments (Abstract – pdf)
    Thierry Turletti (Inria), Katia Obraczka (UC Santa Cruz), joint research project COMMUNITY
  • Recent Results on the Interplay between Information Theory and Stochastic Geometry (Abstract – pdf)
    François Baccelli (Inria), joint research project IT-SG-WN with Abbas El Gamal (Information Systems Laboratory, Stanford University)

3:00-3:40pm – Future traffic & transportation

  • Embedded perception and situation awareness for improving driving safety (Abstract – pdf)
    Christian Laugier (Inria), Raja Sengupta (Stanford University)

3:40-4:00pm – Coffee break

4:00-4:45pm –  Social networks and big data

  • Invited talk: Viewing the Web as a Distributed Knowledge Base (Abstract – pdf)
    Serge Abiteboul (Inria, Collège de France)

4:45-6:15pm – Panel: Big data: scientific and societal challenges (Abstract -pdf)

  • Moderator: Patrick Valduriez (Inria)
  • Panelists: Serge Abiteboul (Inria), Hugh Aldridge (CITRIS, UCSB), Deb Agarwal (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab),  Stéphane Lanteri (Inria), Patrick Valduriez (Inria).

Tuesday May 22

9:00-10:30am – Computational Models and Simulations

  • Innovative Contributions and work in progress for quantifying uncertainties in fluid flow problems (Abstract – pdf)
    Pietro M. Congedo (Inria), joint research project AQUARIUS with Gianluca Iaccarino Dpt of Mechanical Engineering and Charbel Farhat Dpt of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University.
  • Optimal Reroute Strategies for Traffic Management (Abstract – pdf)
    Aude Hofleitner (UC Berkeley), Paola Goatin (Inria), joint research project ORESTE
  • Computation, Metrics and Topology for Data Analysis (Abstract – pdf)
    Steve Oudot (Inria), joint research project with with Yusu Wang (Ohio State University) and Leo Guibas (Stanford University)

10:30-11:00amCoffee break

11am-12:45pm – High Performance computing

  • Fast and Scalable Hierarchical Algorithms for Computational Linear Algebra (Abstract – pdf)
    Olivier Coulaud (Inria), joint research project FASTLA with Esmond Ng (LBNL and Eric Darve, ICME, Stanford University)
  • Communication Optimal Algoritms for Linear Algebra(Abstract – pdf)
    Mathias Jacquelin (Inria), joint research project COALA with Jim Demmel (EECS Dpt, UC Berkeley)
  • Invited talk : Driving Data Management for Science Using the 20 Questions Approach (Abstract – pdf)
    Deb Agarwal (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)

12:45-2:00pm – Lunch

2:00-4:00pm –  Computational Medicine and Neurosciences

  • Analysis of structural MR and DTI in neonates (Abstract – pdf)
    Caroline Brun (University of Pennsylvania), Bertrand Thirion (Inria), joint research project  CAPNEONATES
  • Multi-scale modelling for RNA structures: a challenge (Abstract – pdf)
    Julie Bernauer (Inria), joint research project ITSNAP with Michael Levitt (Department of Structural Biology, Stanford University)
  • Hemodynamics data and modelling interaction for blood flow simulations: the common experience of the EA Cardio (Abstract – pdf)
    Irène Vignon-Clementel (Inria), joint research project CARDIO between REO/MACS and Stanford, UCSD and KCL
  • Artificial walking (Abstract – pdf)
    David Guiraud (Inria), joint research project WALK with Oussama Khatib (AI Lab, Stanford University)

4:00-4:30pm – Coffee break

4:30-5:30pm –  Distributed systems, Cloud computing

  • Characterization and Prediction of Host Load in a Google Data Center (Abstract – pdf)
    Derrick Kondo (Inria), joint research project CLOUDSHARE with Walfredo Cirne (Google Inc.)
  • Data Privacy: some results (Abstract – pdf)
    Claude Castellucia (Inria), joint research project CLOUDY with Dawn Song, (EECS Dpt , UC Berkeley) and Gene Tsudik (UC Irvine)

5:30-6:00pm – Conclusion

  • Inria@Silicon Valley: Perspectives
    Michel Cosnard (Inria), Claude Kirchner (Inria),  Hugh Aldridge (CITRIS)