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2016 – US-Europe Workshop on Next-Generation Internet of Things (USC)

“To enable the Next Generation IoT, the research community must…” – photo T. Castro

The Ming Hsieh Institute in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering at the University of Southern California co-organized on, March 31-April 1 2016, the US-Europe workshop on Next-Generation Internet of Things in collaboration with Inria@SiliconValley

This invited workshop brought together around 30 researchers and practitioners from industry, academia and government labs from US and Europe with the goal to work on various topics of  relevance to the Internet of Things to understand and discuss the state of the art in this emerging domain and identify research challenges and new directions that could help shape the next generation of this technology.

Topics discussed in this workshop included wireless communications and networking, hardware and testbeds, operating systems and middleware, security and privacy, real world applications and data analytics.


US-EU NGIoT workshop @USC

The participants were invited to brainstorm on what the research community must do to enable the next-generation IoT.

An anticipated outcome of this workshop is a short document identifying the major challenges and directions for future research and development in this area.

Workshop website:

Read the Outcome Report from the US-­Europe Invited Workshop

on Next-Generation Internet of Things @USC