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On-going Associate Teams (2023)

PARIETAL Team © Inria / Photo Kaksonen

© Inria / Photo Kaksonen

Joint research activities in the framework of the “Associate Team Program”

.In 2023 the program counts 7 ongoing joint projects

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Associate Team Research Focus Partners Principal Investigators Dates
Computation of causal structures University of California Davis Nicolas Brodu, Inria GEOSTAT

& James Crutchfield, University of California Davis

Since 2021


DEfining Surrogacy of early Transcriptomics foR vaccInE Response RAND Corporation Boris Hejblum, Inria SISTM

& Denis Agniel (RAND Corporation)

Since 2022


ELF Efficient deep learning frameworks Caltech Yulia Gusak, Inria HIEPACS

& Anima Anandkumar (Caltech)

Since 2023

* New project*

ROHM Reduced Order Hybrid Models Stanford University Angelo Iollo, Inria MEMPHIS

& Charbel Farhat (Stanford University)

Since 2023

* New project*

Pushing the Limits of Audio Spatialization with eMerging Architectures Stanford University Romain Michon, Inria EMERAUDE

& Chris Chafe (Stanford University)

Since 2022
Protégé and SHACL extension to support ontology validation Stanford University Fabien Gandon, Inria WIMMICS

& Rafael Gonçalves (Stanford University)

Since 2020
Robust Communication and Localization for Swarms of Mobile Miniaturized Wireless Motes University of California Berkeley Thomas Watteyne

Inria EVA

& Kris Pister (UC Berkeley)

Since 2021