Funding opportunities

Joint projects between Inria and California universities can be supported through various funding opportunities:

From Inria

Associate Teams (joint research projects for 3 years) 

***Associate Teams 2018 call is now closed . (View call) ***

An Associate Team is a joint project created between an Inria project-team and a research team from abroad. The two partners jointly define a scientific objective with a clear added value for each of them, a research plan and a program for bilateral exchanges. To promote and develop such scientific collaborations throughout the world, by supporting high quality research projects, Inria’s European and International Partnerships Department annually launches a call for proposals (opening in July and closing in September). The total funding for three years is maximum 36,000€.

The current list of Inria@SiliconValley Associate Teams is available in the following page:

Important dates:

The submission deadline for the 2018 Associate Team call is September 27, 2017

Inria Associate Teams results will be published by the end of January, 2018

Details and submission:

Associate Teams with California

The aim of the Inria@SiliconValley program is to strengthen and structure existing collaborations between Inria and its partners in California, and support new innovative projects.
As such, Inria@SiliconValley fosters the creation of Associate teams between Inria research teams and California partners.
Coordinated by Inria’s European and International Partnerships Department (EIPD) with an Inria senior scientist based full time in California, Inria@SiliconValley offers:

  • A dedicated website to promote joint research activities, funding opportunities (French and US), news etc.
  • The HAL INRIA-SiliconValley Collection that gathers all the publications related to the program.
  • A newsletter to inform the community and communicate at large about the initiatives arising from the collaborations.
  • The organization of an annual workshop to exchange about ongoing collaborations and investigate opportunities for new ones. Obviously, the participation of the Inria@SiliconValley associate teams is key and the related expenses need to be budgeted by the teams. Inria’s European and International Partnerships Department (EIPD) will inform as soon as possible the associate teams’ Principal Investigators about the workshop’s tentative dates and location (the workshop usually takes place around May/June) so that teams can plan ahead if they wish to organize a co-located working meeting with their collaborators.
  • EIPD programs targeted to Inria-California cooperation (sabbatical, post-doc, International Chair etc.).
  • Support for innovation activities in relation with the local eco-system (e.g., see the partnership with NETVA since 2016).

Postdoctoral fellowships

Postdoctoral grants are allocated to support existing associate teams as well as collaborations between Inria and California teams.

Candidates interested in the projects currently supported by the collaboration program or projects under preparation for this program are welcome to submit their application to a post-doctoral fellowship. Candidates are strongly encouraged to get in touch with the PIs of these projects, either in California, or at Inria.

In 2017, Inria offered 3 Post-Doc fellowships in the framework of the Inria@SiliconValley program.

Extended deadline for application  was April 15th, 2017. CALL IS NOW CLOSED!

Applications will include:

  • The summary sheet to be downloaded HERE;
  • Detailed CV including a description of the PhD work and a list of publications – and 2 selected publications;
  • Main physical location (California or France) of the postdoc;
  • Research program, work plan and planned visits during the postdoc, in relation with the Inria@Silicon Valley research collaboration;
  • The planned duration of the post-doc (12 or 16 months) and the desired starting date (default start date is November 1st, 2017);
  • Perspective for after the postdoc.
  • Motivation letter from the candidate;
  • Recommendations, including recommendation from the California host and the Inria host.
To know more:
View the interviews of a former Inria@SiliconValley Post-Docs!

Inria International Chairs

In  order  to  offer  to  international  prestigious  researchers  the  possibility  of  long  visits  –  twelve months along five years – in Inria project-‐teams and to give them a strong visibility, Inria is launching an « Inria International Chairs » program.

To know more:

Contact: Laura Norcy

Internships (3 to 6 months)

Each year, Inria welcomes students from all over the world for a research training experience through the Internships program. The program is aimed at undergraduate as well graduate students working on a Master’s degree or PhD. It coordinates the selection of students in order to assist Inria researchers in hosting excellent interns in their fields, and to give the interns a taste for working in an international scientific environment and the desire to return to Inria for a doctoral thesis or post-doctoral research. The Internship program offers two recruitment routes for interns: an open call and an all year long targeted call for specific collaborations such as Inria@SiliconValley.

To know more:

From the French Embassy

Chateaubriand Fellowship in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

The Chateaubriand Fellowship in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), offered by the Embassy of France in the United States (Office for Science and Technology – OST), supports young scientists enrolled in American Universities who wish to conduct part of their doctoral research in a French laboratory for a 4 to 9 month period. Inria is a partner of the program.

To know more:

The Thomas Jefferson Fund

The program is launched by the French Embassy and the FACE foundation aims to encourage and support cooperation among the most promising young French and American researchers, and foster forward-looking collaborative research that addresses the most pressing global challenges.

Up to nine Franco-American projects will be selected. Each selected project will receive a maximum of $20,000 over a period of two years.

To know more: 

From Fulbright

Fulbright Fellowship for PhD students:

This fellowship is eligible to French PhD students, doing their Doctorate in France, invited in a US university for a research stay.

Duration: 4 to 12 months according to the research project.
Disciplines: All
Number of fellowships awarded: appx. 15.

Usually the deadline for application is February 1st (exact dates to be checked on the Fulbright website every year)

Detailed information:

Fulbright Fellowship for Researchers:

This Fellowship is eligible to French researchers willing to conduct a research project or be invited in a US university for a stay of minimum 2 months.

Duration: 2 to 6 months.
Disciplines: All
Number of fellowships awarded: 4 to 6

Usually the deadline for application is February 1st (exact dates to be checked on the Fulbright website every year)

Detailed information:

From France Berkeley Fund

Seed funding for collaborations (1 year, call closed January 31 each year, $10 000 for workshops, exchanges)

**2018 call for projects closed on January 31th, 2018** 

The France Berkeley Fund was established in 1993 as a partnership between the government of France and the University of California at Berkeley, the France-Berkeley Fund (FBF) promotes scholarly exchange in all disciplines between UC Berkeley and all research centers and public institutions of higher education in France. Through its annual grant competition, the Fund provides seed-money for innovative, bi-national collaborative research. Successful projects bring together senior and junior researchers in a variety of ways, from workshops and conferences to exchanges of researchers in laboratories. For the 2015 grant program, applications from UC Berkeley and UC Davis are eligible for the competition..

To know more: 

From the France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

**2018 call for collaborative projects, Fellowships and Conferences are now open**

The France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies aims to bridge the disciplines of the humanities, social sciences, sciences, engineering, business and law, addressing historical and contemporary issues of significance for France and the United States from a broad range of perspectives. Its programs bring faculty members, researchers and students from across Stanford’s departments and schools into contact with colleagues in France, to explore issues of common intellectual concern, to advance collaborative research, and to foster interdisciplinary inquiry. The France-Stanford Center sponsors high quality collaborative research projects likely to foster new linkages and deepen existing connections between French scholars and students and their counterparts at Stanford University.

The France-Stanford Center seeks to fund research projects across all disciplines. Priority will be given to projects with the potential to develop new collaborations involving junior researchers, and to those leading to collaborative work on interdisciplinary issues. Applications must be submitted jointly by researchers affiliated with a French institution and researchers in any Stanford department, as long as they are eligible to serve as principal investigators.

Each project may receive a grant up to $15,000 (deadline for proposal submission is March)

Find out more:

The Luis W. Alvarez Postdoctoral Fellowship in Computing Sciences

The fellowship supports recent graduates with a Ph.D. (or equivalent) with a strong emphasis on computing or computational science. The successful applicant will be compensated with a competitive salary and excellent benefits.

Application deadline is around end of november each year.

More information:

Sabbatical visits

Inria also welcomes faculty on sabbatical visits. Concerning the funding, there are grants from Europe (for long visits) such as Marie Curie and ERC grants. It is also possible to use funding from French Universities (those having a partnership with Inria research centers) for visiting scholars (for a few months).