During the Gala Diner, the organising committee awarded some reviewers and authors:

Best Reviewer Award (200€)

  • Kari Kostiainen, ETH Zurich
  • Andrew Paverd, Aalto University

This award acknowledges the outstanding quality of the reviews of Andrew Paverd and Kari Kostiainen. These reviews were numerous, long, helpful, and respectful of the authors works. The awarded reviewers not only judged the relevance of the submissions, but they also provided precious insights to improve the papers. Peers reviewing peers. The organizing committee is grateful for their very professional work.

Best Paper Award (600€)

  • Ngoc-Dung T. Tieu, Huy H. Nguyen, Hoang-Quoc Nguyen-Son, Junichi Yamagishi, and Isao Echizen, from SODENKAI, National Institute of Informatics of Japan, and the University of Edinburgh.

This award acknowledges the remarkable quality of the paper “An Approach for Gait Anonymization Using Deep Learning ”. The organizing committee has found the topic of this work very original and innovative, especially a very surprising use of Deep Learning technology.

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