There will be buses

We have set up a shuttle between Rennes downtown and the conference venue at Inria Rennes. The meeting point downtown is near the restaurant “Brasserie de la Paix”, Place de la République.

If you miss the WIFS shuttle (or if the shuttle is full :), don’t worry, take the regular bus line C4 or 6 and stop at “TourneBride” station, in front of the University Campus main entrance (see the ‘practical information’ booklet here).

Here are the schedules when the bus leaves:

Monday 4th

  • Inria -> Downtown (after the Wine & Cheese): 7:30 PM

Tuesday 5th

  • Downtown -> Inria: 8:00AM
  • Inria -> Downtown (to go to the City Hall reception): 6:30PM

Wednesday 6th

  • Downtown -> Inria: 8:45AM
  • We will take the bus to Mt St Michel and then to the restaurant of the gala dinner (which is nearby Rennes). Then the bus will go back to Rennes stopping at Inria Rennes, Rennes downtown “Place de la République”, and Rennes downtown “Railway Station”.

Thursday 7th

  • Downtown -> Inria: 8:30AM


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