The first basic examples to consider are the balanced amplifier and Oscillator example. They demonstrate how the pisa toolbox can be used to detect an instability and how the location of the unstable pole can be estimated.

To see how pisa acts when stable circuits are analysed, or to see the performance of pisa in the presence of measurement noise, check the measured amplifier example.

Finally, to see how pisa can be used to perform a large-signal stability analysis, check the large-signal example.

In the examples, we assume you are already familiar with closed-loop stability analysis, how projection can be used to detect instabilities and how the unstable poles of a circuit are accurately estimated. If the underlying algorithms are not clear during the examples, please refer to the linked pages to obtain more information.

Download example code and workspace

Click here to download the ADS workspace with the examples together and the matlab code to run pisa.

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