Les Trans

We begin here a series about things to do in Rennes during December? (just to motivate authors in their hard work before the deadline).

The most well known event is “Les Transmusicales”, a.k.a. Les Trans in short. This is a music festival that lasts for 3 or 4 days. It is held annually in December in Rennes. Since the festival’s beginning, it has been renowned for revealing the “next big thing” in music. The festival has become one of the most significant musical events in Europe, attracting over 60,000 people. Figures of last year edition: 103 artists from 35 countries, 103 concerts, 30 places, and 62, 000 festivaliers.

Les trans was created in 1979. The motto is to reflect the reality of musical life, to showcase emerging artists and to promote originality. The programme for 2017 is not yet published. Anyway, as usual, it will be composed of promising, young, dynamic bands … all unknown! Nowadays, the main part of the festival has moved to Parc Expo, near the airport. Some concerts (more peaceful) are still organized downtown.

If I am correct, Les trans 2017 will start right after WIFS! A nice way to stay longer in Rennes if you are a music lover.






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